Battle of the Aerodromes

The period from June to August 1940 (the invasion of British Somalia) saw a relatively small aerial activity, but during which the belligerents gradually put in place the air policy which would characterize them during the rest of the campaign.

For example, Royal Air Force and particularly the South African Air Force, despite still relatively small forces, ar ordered to conduct an active air offensive against the main targets listed (aerodromes, fuel depots, radio stations). The goal is simple :  to drive the Regia Aeronautica into a campaign of attrition which she can not win because of the impossibility of bringing massive reinforcements. 

The policy of the Regia Aeronautica is more wait-and-see. Thus, on 5 June 1940, General Pietro Badoglio instructed the Duke of Aosta to remain in a strictly defensive position. When asked if this order could be interpreted as authorizing the air force to conduct raids against opposing air and naval bases, the answer is clear : no alternative is possible, the Regia Aeronautica must remain a defensive force.

The 10 of June of 1940 is marked by the entry of the war of Italy, which immediately leads the Horn of Africa in the second world war.

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